Album: Our Friends Our Enemies

“Flight Brigade offer a big sweeping stunner of a song with Hurricane Season…the track grabs you from its very first beat, draws you into a whirlwind of instruments and voices and beautifully blends pop elements with edgier, rougher rock pieces into one gorgeous song”. - Glam Glare

“…smack-bang into that global radio-friendly crossover territory usually inhabited by Imagine Dragons and The Killers” - Record of the Day

“On a warpath to making history… a bit of Muse, compared to My Morning Jacket, but ultimately what we hear is a dark, orchestral, and narrative driven tour de force.” - New Sick Music

“The London via Hampshire collective have a direct, driving sound, one that bears comparison to Arcade Fire but also has the crunch of Twin Atlantic. New single 'Hurricane Season' boasts an orchestral swell, while the songwriting has a real punch to it”. - Clash Music Mag

“There’s no other band like Flight Brigade on the scene at the moment and that’s what makes them so special… ones to watch in 2016” - Drunken Werewolf

“A rare talent that calls to mind early Arcade Fire.” - God Is In The TV

“…they knock it right out of the park again with this total barnstormer of a tune ("Hurricane Season")…This punchy, crunchy drive time anthem is as solid as a rock. Simply incredible.” - Record of the Day

Reeperbahn Festival………..“the discovery of the festival” – Kleinertod (Germany)

"Hurricane" Season“.... should be played on radio all over the world“- Plattentests (Germany)

....great melodies and thrilling alternative rock/pop songs ... a successful debut album. 4.1/5 stars – Handwritten Magazine (Germany)